Tanium from PointWire

Specialists in Tanium with accredited engineers ready to help kickstart your goals.

We offer a complete turnkey service to customers looking to purchase Tanium.

PointWire can assist in providing all levels of Tanium support for your environments.

Tanium can detect, investigate and remediate incidents using a single platform.

Tanium helps you continuously monitor assets within the environment, with each endpoint acting as a sensor.

Tanium has the ability to manage your devices at the endpoint of a network in a unified way.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Tanium, PointWire offer a fully-hosted managed infrastructure for your business network.

Pointwire can provide tailor-made training that suits your business needs for your teams.

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Why Buy Tanium From PointWire?

PointWire are one of the few Tanium Partners who can offer a complete turnkey service to customers looking to buy Tanium. PointWire’s partnership with Tanium enables us to supply the licences to any size organisation, implement fully managed service models such as our Tanium as a Service (TaaS) platform, and deliver the highest quality services trusted by FTSE100 & Central Government customers alike.

Whether your organisation has a cloud-first strategy for new technology, or data privacy rules which require an on-premise platform; PointWire is the only provider that offers Tanium in a way which works for your organisation. 

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