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Tanium helps you continuously monitor assets within the environment, with each endpoint acting as an individual sensor. The unique linear chain model used by Tanium is key to ensuring your organisation is safe, secure, managed, and current.

Typical solutions for endpoint security require various tools and databases, meaning lots of manual reconciliation. By bringing all essential asset data together into one console, Tanium’s solution provides organisations with a powerful, single source of truth. 

Delivering Endpoint Protection at speed.

For large enterprise organisations, managing and securing endpoints, across thousands of employees in multiple locations, is highly complex.

Typical security solutions comprise multiple discreet systems within a complete cyber security and infrastructure ecosystem, with intrusion detection, alerts, prevention and mitigation all delivering uninterrupted, compliant and secure business operations.

PointWire offers a range of cybersecurity solutions and services including Penetration Testing on various levels, as well as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Remote Management operational services.
Through its large–scale infrastructure, security, endpoint and asset management projects & engagements, PointWire has successfully delivered unprecedented cost saving and risk avoidance benefits to organisations across the globe.

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