Tanium provides a unified platform for Endpoint Management and EndPoint Security. This approach reduces complexity, improves efficiency, and closes the gaps between operations and security. One platform, one agent.

PointWire offers a complete turnkey service to customers looking to purchase Tanium.

We are powered by Tanium.

We are the UK’s leading managed service provider for Tanium. We can manage and protect your business at speed.

Why Tanium?

Managing and securing devices at scale has always been a challenge in traditional IT infrastructures but as the world has moved to a more distributed working model; how can IT and Information Security teams keep managing these devices?  Getting visibility of all the devices in an estate is an essential part of being able to make the right plans for mitigating risk, distributing patches, and proactively protecting the organisation for the increasing cyber risks we all now face. Tanium provides organisations that visibility. Think of Tanium like a search engine for your estate. You need to know which machines are struggling with aging hardware? No problem. How about whether a hash of a file associated with a new known piece of malware is already resident in your estate? Just a question away. Tanium provides real-time visibility of your estate in a way that has previously been impossible; requiring multiple agents from multiple systems; all with their own databases which have varying degrees of accuracy in the data they hold. Real-time searching across the estate is now possible. 

What Capabilities Does Tanium Have?

Having the right tools has historically meant purchasing a multitude of different point products; often resulting in inflated IT & Security spend and very little integration natively available. Tanium’s modules integrate seamlessly with one another; enabling the outputs of a Tanium Comply vulnerability scan to identify and feed the corresponding patch for deployment in Tanium Patch. This approach to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Unified Endpoint Security (UES) not only reduces the number of agents needed on an endpoint but delivers tighter organisational integration and focus on reducing endpoint risk with less effort. Tanium has modules and capabilities to address the needs of most IT and Information Security teams, including:

Does an organisation have to buy everything from Tanium all at once?

One of the many benefits of the Tanium Platform is the modularity of itAn organisation may need to begin with basic network discovery, Asset Management data, and export this data to a CMDB solution such as ServiceNow. Meanwhile, another organisation may need to tackle their Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities and feed real-time behavioural pattern intel alerts into Splunk, LogRhythm, or Elasticsearch. The Tanium Platform’s modular approach delivered by a single agent enables organisations to take the capabilities they need today, with a solution which is future ready. 

Does Tanium only work on Windows?

One of the greatest strengths of Tanium is the breadth of Tanium Client support available. Tanium’s current support for endpoints includes Windows, macOS, Linux (including Amazon Linux, Debian, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, SUSE, & Ubuntu), AIX, and Solaris.   

How much does tanium cost?

Information about how Tanium modules and pricing works can be found on our pricing page.

Why buy Tanium from PointWire?

PointWire are one of the few Tanium Partners who can offer a complete turnkey service to customers looking to buy Tanium. PointWire’s partnership with Tanium enables us to supply the licences to any size organisation, implement fully managed service models such as our Tanium as a Service (TaaS) platform, and deliver the highest quality services trusted by FTSE100 & Central Government customers alike. Whether your organisation has a cloud-first strategy for new technology, or data privacy rules which require an on-premise platform; PointWire is the only provider that offers Tanium in a way which works for your organisation.

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