Trend Micro Simulated Phishing

More than 80% of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks.

Phishing attacks have increased over 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Google estimates it blocks 18 million COVID-19 scam emails a day from its 1.5 billion users

65% of cybercriminals use phishing as their primary form of attack

A new phishing attack is attempted every 39 seconds.

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We Offer Simulated Phishing Services to Prepare Your Employees for The Inevitable.


Phishing simulations help to increase employee awareness of attacks by 25%. By combining our phishing simulation and phishing awareness training solutions, you can offer a holistic training approach that will make your employees more resilient against these threats.

We provide a security awareness service to help employees of your organisation to avoid security breaches. We are committed to making our connected world a safer place by ensuring your organisation is equipped for the latest innovations in cyber threats.

We use Phish Insight by Trend Micro to test and educate your employees on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks. It provides insight into what a phishing attack entails, and what to look out for, before the attackers get there first.

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference

Validating URLs are extremely important as particular fonts are used to exploit certain URL destinations in emails sent by hackers.  

These three examples of three different fonts each show a link which appears to go to If you look really closely at the Rockwell example, you’ll notice the tiny serifs on what looks like an ‘L’ at first glance, is actually an ‘I’, in lowercase letters.

All three of the URLs on the right hand side are all using a capital ‘I’ instead of an ‘L’.  It’s still a very subtle difference and not a very commonly used font, so it would be easy to fall victim to the hacker. Your employees would benefit from our phishing awareness training. 

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