Tanium pricing

Tanium Core is the base platform licence for Tanium. The Core capabilities by themselves are spectacular and include: The ability to ask questions in plain language across your estate. Deployment of agents for all supported operating systems. Deployment of packages and scripts across all supported operating systems. Unlimited Tanium infrastructure servers to support your internal and internet connected devices. External data system integration through Tanium Connect. Active Directory User Risk Profiling through Tanium Impact. Dashboarding and reporting through Tanium Trends. Extending the capabilities of Tanium can easily be done by adding more modules. The modular approach means that once your organisation has invested in Tanium, it’s a trivial commercial and technical adjustment to realise the licence expansion. By using a per device price, it is easy to forecast and scale as requirements change and point products expire.

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Is Tanium available on premise?

Tanium’s traditional deployment method was always via an on premise model and the option to buy on premise still exists today. On premise options start from as little as £3 per endpoint per month.

What can we expect for this? 

Can I buy Tanium as a hosted service?

Tanium is available to clients through PointWire as a fully hosted solution on Azure or AWS, which can be hosted in your tenant or ours. No other Tanium provider worldwide offers the same level of flexibility in hosting options for Tanium. Managed cloud options start from £4 per endpoint per month.

What can we expect for this?

At PointWire, we like to get to know the requirements and goals of any business to enable a solution to be built based on your specific needs; considering existing systems and future plans. Our goal is to build a solution that will be a good investment for years to come, with the lowest possible TCO, and enabling the maximum ROI. Our close partnership with Tanium enables us to offer multiyear options that are even more cost effective. 

How do I get a quote?

Our Bookings Page allows you to find a time which works for you to have a discussion with one of the team who can assess your needs and provide you with pricing. Alternatively, give us a call on 01223 455185 and we will be happy to help.