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Security Control Gap Analysis


What are security control gaps?

Across a business there needs to be a number of security controls in place to ensure the assets are being protected and the controls that should be in place are properly deployed. Any gaps in coverage could lead to breaches or non-compliance, resulting in losses, fines and extra remediation work that could have been avoided.

Most organisations have to check these by manually consolidating information from multiple sources and checking these against various frameworks and controls. 


How does Panaseer help?

By identifying where the gaps are in one single place allows for accurate decisions to be made and give confidence that the security controls that are expected are working as they should. Automatic, continuous checks are made of the technical controls across multiple areas meaning you are able to map and measure all business related security risks with ease.

We Can Identify, Prevent, Mitigate & Classify Vulnerabilities.

Our vulnerability management capabilities enable us to proactively identify, prevent, mitigate, and classify vulnerabilities in your business network.

A vulnerability management system should not be missing from any organisation, as it enables them to efficiently manage the dangers posed by unaddressed flaws found in IT environments.

As part of an organisation’s attempt to monitor threats, a vulnerability detection mechanism must be included, which would allow an enterprise to have access to an ongoing analysis of its IT systems’ weaknesses.

In all organisations, vulnerabilities can be both known and unknown. A good remediation vulnerability management process should cover all potential vulnerabilities and their impact on a company.

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