Panaseer from Pointwire

Risk and Compliance Monitoring


What is risk and compliance monitoring?

Many organisations have a difficult task in keeping up with what controls need to be audited, updated, and demonstrated across the business.

With Risk and compliance monitoring using Panaseer, data driven automated reports provide up to date, accurate, comprehensive data that can be used to verify the controls and ultimately save time and resources.


How does this work?

By using automated, configured reports you can have confidence in the accuracy of the data to check remediation statuses, prove what safeguards are in place, and align to frameworks applicable to your business. 

By collecting data from multiple sources in your IT and business systems you have the control you need to remain compliant.

Risk And Compliance Monitoring Ensures That All Controls Are Fully Operational And All Assets Are Protected.

It provides visibility of all of your assets, users, applications and databases, as well as the confidence that controls are working effectively. This enables a trusted, unified view across business lines, regions and technology platforms.

By unifying all of your data, it can identify previously unknown or unmanaged assets and control coverage gaps in real-time.

It then substantiates that insight through automated reports. These can be segmented by market, business unit or service line and mapped to your goals and structure, providing business context for security metrics.

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