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Risk & Compliance

By using automated, configured reports you can have confidence in the accuracy of the data to check remediation statuses & prove safeguards are in place.

By collecting data from multiple sources in your IT and business systems you have the control you need to remain compliant.

Asset Inventory

Having a full and rich asset inventory improves your overall IT hygiene by investigating further into assets across devices, applications, people and data.

Reconciling all of your IT asset data into one place, breaks down information silos and increases the ROI and effectiveness of your IT investments.

Security Checks

Automatic, continuous checks are made of the controls across multiple areas meaning you are able to map & measure all business related security risks with ease.

By identifying where the gaps are in one single place allows for accurate decisions to be made and give confidence that the security controls that are expected are working as they should.

Panaseer is the first continuous controls monitoring platform for enterprise security, helping businesses to make informed, risk-based security decisions. Panaseer builds trusted asset inventories, finds security controls gaps, and enables enterprise-wide security measurement. Our objective is to improve the security posture of our client’s IT infrastructure through increased visibility, establishing regulatory compliance, measuring internal policy adherence, and prioritising vulnerabilities with a business aligned view. 

By combining our expertise and other products, Panaseer completes a full offering to provide innovative solutions to our clients. 

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