Configuration Management

We can manage your system at the same pace it innovates.

Maintaining an up to date view of an IT estate is an essential cornerstone to both IT operations and security. Configuration management is the process of identifying, controlling, accounting for and auditing changes made to a pre-established structure. Security configuration management tools are essential, as attackers search for systems that are immediately vulnerable. Once an attacker cracks their way into a system, they can begin exploiting and making changes. But where does a organisation start in addressing these gaps in visibility? The answer lies in the creation and maintenance of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

A current CMDB provides many organisations with the baseline of data required to know which assets the business has so that it can plan the security and maintenance of them. It also assists in audit requirements needed to satisfy legislative mandates, and achieve accreditations such as ISO27001, ISO19770, and others.

Configuration changes must be managed carefully to ensure success statuses are monitored, traceability of engineering changes made, and robust backout plans in the event of an unforeseen outage resulting from a change. Failures to adhere to quality configuration management changes can have detrimental effects on your business; with end users suffering from systems outages, data breaches, and data leaks. Having accurate records of your IT infrastructure is essential and baselining an attribute can ensure formal configuration change control processes are effective. 

Our Configuration Management services close the gaps in your visibility through a combination of active network discovery, deployment of configuration management technology to improve manageability of devices, Hardware and Software Asset Management (HAM / SAM), Configuration compliance against industry best practice baselines such as CIS Level 1 and Level 2, vulnerability management, and patch management. PointWire’s clients enjoy seamless integration with their existing systems and processes to ensure faster time to implement changes, and fewer visibility gaps in their IT estate.

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